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里程碑 Milestones


神的应证:2017年8月3日,在神召会培训和祷告会上,通过加拿大Gary Heyes牧师的预言,应证了协会的呼召。预言描述了我们肩负建筑师和工程师的工作,要“帮助新信徒和成熟信徒对生命有异象,帮助他们设立结构,了解自己需要的是什么”。






Setting up of Foresight Society: 22 July 2017, set up by bro Gary and a group of Bible School students from Assemblies of God, with official launch at Marina Bay Skypark.

God’s confirmation: 3 Aug 2018, through a prophecy by Rev Gary Heyes (Speak Life ministry, Canada), at an Assemblies of God training and prayer meeting. The prophecy speaks about that the work of an Architect and Engineer, to “help new believers and older believers get a VISION for their lives, and help them have STRUCTURE to be able to know what it is they need”.

Organise the first English Foresight talk: 2 Sep 2017, at Arise2Care Community Services, entitled “Cashless Singapore 2020”.

Organise the first Chinese Foresight talk: 9 Sep 2017, at Eternal Grace church, entitled “Cashless Singapore 2020”.

Organise the first Foresight night class: 8 Jan 2018, at Paya Lebar Methodist church, entitled “Spiritual Formation Theology”.

First anniversary celebration: 21 Jul 2018, at Eternal Grace church, with Ps Sophia Tan sharing God’s Word. Our guests include Ps Richard and Ps Deborah (Eternal Grace church), Ps Ruth and her family (Batam Tessalonica church), and Bro John (Paya Lebar Methodist church).

Sponsored first East Asia Missions trip: 17 Nov 2018, led by Bro Gary.


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