2017年7月22日(周六晚),远见协会于滨海金沙酒店空中花园举行了开幕礼。On the night of 22 July 2017 (Sat), SAFE was launched at Skypark, Marina Bay Sands hotel. 
The group of founding members consist of teacher and students from ACTS College (formerly Assemblies of God Bible College). We managed to find a spot on the crowded 57th floor, taking photos and chatting to reinforce our relationships. That night was the 52nd National Day preview, and we were overjoyed by the free beautiful fireworks for our launch. As we were leaving, we chanced upon the gorgeous night view of Gardens by the Bay. And it occurred to us there and then, the fact that Singapore enjoyed peace and prosperity, was due to the foresight of our forefathers, who set the firm foundation, so that subsequent generations can enjoy its fruits. Likewise, every child of God ought to develop foresight to build God’s kingdom, so that it prosper and pass on for many generations.
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2018年6月15日:协会在举行常年议会之余,也顺道与美国神召会驻亚洲宣教士麦金尼夫妇进餐、交流和祷告。15 June 2018: Alongside our society’s annual general meeting, we organised a time of prayer and fellowship with Rev Everett and Evelyn […]