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讲座:医治 Talk: Healing

2018年5月12日:协会举办了以“医治”为主题的远见讲座。讲员包括神召会恩典堂的陈马太牧师及协会成员彭弟兄。12 May 2018: Foresight Society organised a talk on God’s healing. Speakers include Ps Matthew Tan from Grace Assembly of God, and our member bro Alvin Phang. 


Ps Matthew encouraged everyone with his lively presentation, motivating us to speak to the mountain. He quoted Mark 11:20-24 and reminded us to have faith in God, to speak TO and not DISCUSS about the mountain. Christ has given us authority to heal in His name, if we continue to go back and ask the Boss what to do, it shows our lack of faith, and we deserved to be reprimanded. He showed videos of his overseas healing missions trips, to encourage us to preach the gospel in faith. If we trust God, the blind can see, and the deaf can hear! Bro Alvin shared how God let him encountered many healing experiences in life, and led him to develop in this area. He believed deeply that God’s heart is for more believers to learn to pray for others, activating their faith through action. He led participants to practice in groups and exercise their faith, with encouraging results! Glory to our God!


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