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讲座:东亚宣教 Talk: East Asia Missions

2018年9月1日:两位资深东亚宣教士-李善辉老师与陈马平老师,跟我们分享了东亚禾场上的最新消息。1 Sep 2018: Two experienced missionaries in East Asia – Elder Charles Lee and Bro Tan Ma Ping, shared with us the latest updates in the mission field. 





Bro Charles Lee shared from his personal experience across East Asia, and provided a macro view of East Asia with updates and their needs. Bro Phillip Tan shared from his experience of receiving and exercising the gift of healing and deliverance, and showed us many video of miracles in East Asia, to encourage us to move in faith healing. Hear some feedbacks from our participants:

1. “I’m very blessed because you invited me today. In 1984/85 I did pray for Christian there, Today those seeds have borne fruits, Glory to God. Now we need to pray more!”

2. “Yes, the workshop was good, interesting updates for me personally. Thought it would be good for more people to be able to hear the sharing.”

Philippians 2:4 reminds us “do not merely look out for our own personal interests, but also for the interests of others”. In our modern day lives, are we actively refusing to let busy matters squeeze away important matters? Living in affluent Singapore, are we looking out for the spiritual needs of our brethren in Christ in other countries? What can we do for God in missions today?


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