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课程:释经学 Course: Biblical Interpretation

2018年10月30日,远见协会圆满完成“释经学”课程。这个远见夜课,为期14堂,平均15个学生定期出席。30 Oct 2018: Foresight Society successfully complete its Biblical Interpretation class. This foresight night class lasted 14 sessions, with an average regular attendance of 15 learners. 


They come from different denominations and churches, and they are grateful to be able to interact with other brothers and sisters. Based on feedbacks at the last session, some learners expressed gratitude to learn content beyond their own church teachings, example: theology, biblical interpretation, and Christian thinking. During our learning, some learners generously baked cakes and donated food, exemplifying God’s love and warming our hearts. This learning community is very vibrant, and ask many good questions, making the learning atmosphere stressless and relax. They are grateful that Bro Gary taught them theology curriculum from Bible school in an easy-to-understand way, illuminating their spiritual walk with God. Some learners are less vocal, yet regularly attend class with fail, a testimony of their spiritual hunger.


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