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讲座:生命见证 Talk: Life Testimony

2018年3月3日:远见协会的提摩太弟兄分享了他的生命见证和诗歌创作,使出席者深受鼓励。3 March 2018: The audience of our Foresight Talk were inspired by SAFE member bro Timothy’s life testimony, and the beautiful songs composed by him.




Bro Huanyan shared his passion for history, reminding us the need to know our past to plan for the future. Our President Bro Gary taught foresight competency through a case study on how technology disrupt conversations. We continued our conversations over buffet lunch, with enough food to bless our neighbors. Here are some breakthroughs that were observed:

1. One of our goals for the workshop is to create a safe space to encourage opening of hearts. A participant shared about his serious accident and how God healed him. It was the first time he recounted his paralysis, overcoming his phobia to glorify God.

2. Another goal is to create a learning platform to exercise our gifts from God, complementing head knowledge with practical skills. To this end, we are glad that some learnt to organise events, some honed their skills in photography, to speak and to engage audience. We believed many talents will be developed through this incubator, for the kingdom of God.


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