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“神学反思”免费夜课 “Theological Reflection” Free Course

2019年1-4月:欢迎所有华人基督徒参加2019年“神学反思”免费夜课。Jan-Apr 2019: We welcome all Chinese believers to attend our free Chinese night class on “Theological Reflection”.

每一课我们从圣经角度探讨婚姻、社会、道德等课题,了解神的旨意以及基督徒应有的回应。通过深度分析,我们期望开阔视野,并深化我们的信仰。课程从1月至4月底,每个周二晚上700-930于玛丽蒙地铁站附近。更多详情请下载这个PDF文件(包括课程大纲、导师简介、上课地图等)。任何询问,请 whatsapp 97612942。

Every lesson, we approach from a biblical perspective to reflect on issues like marriage, social and moral problems. The goal is to identify God’s will and develop an appropriate Christian response. Through deep analysis, we aim to broaden our perspective, and deepen our faith. Class starts from Jan to end of Apr, on every Tuesday night 700-930m near Marymount MRT. Details please download this PDF (including info on syllabus, teacher, map etc). For enquiry, please whatsapp 97612942.


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