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协会会员 Members

吴国雄老师目前在修读神学教育博士学位(亚洲神学研究院 AGST Alliance),是一名自由传道,传道证隶属于新加坡神召总会。他也曾是 ACTS 学院(前神召会神学院)的导师,经常培训国内外牧师和神职人员。他于 2017 年创立远见协会,期望把神学教育普及化。他曾经是教育部受训教师,后来创立一家教育培训公司,最后选择全时间事奉神。他目前在卫理公会巴耶利峇堂崇拜。

1. 洪玮琳姐妹(秘书),神召会以马内利堂,负责主领敬拜,在小组协助组长,2018年毕业自神召会神学院神学研究生文凭
2. 彭弟兄(财政),神召会以琳堂,热心宣教、医治、网络福音事工,2018年毕业自神召会神学院神学神学学士
3. 沈宝顺弟兄,城市丰收教会华文堂,热心探访、传福音和宣教,即将于2019年毕业于神召会神学院神学神学学士
4. 叶来梅姐妹,城市丰收教会华文堂,沈宝顺弟兄的夫人,有招待、探访和传福音的恩赐
5. 林美凤姐妹,神召会以琳堂,彭弟兄的夫人,有美术、医治和款待的恩赐
6. 陈珍宝姐妹,希望教会华文堂,有打鼓和行动的恩赐
7. 黄慧璇姐妹,希望教会华文堂,小组区长,积极渴慕学习神话语
8. 陈玥璇姐妹,希望教会华文堂,小组组长,积极渴慕学习神话语

President: Gary Goh
Bro Gary Goh is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Education with Asia Graduate School of Theology Alliance. He is an itinerant Christian educator, holding credentials with Assemblies of God Singapore. He was a former faculty of ACTS College (formerly AG Bible College), training pastors and Christian workers locally and abroad. He founded Foresight Society in 2017 to bring theological education to the masses. He was also a MOE-trained teacher, an education entrepreneur, before serving God full-time. He currently worships at Paya Lebar Methodist Church.

Members (as at end of 2018)
1. Sis Ang Wee Lin (Secretary), Emmanuel AG, worship leader, assisting cell group leader, graduated from Assemblies of God Bible College in 2018 with Graduate Diploma of Theology
2. Bro Alvin Phang (Treasurer), Elim church AG, passionate in missions, healing, and internet evangelism, graduated from Assemblies of God Bible College in 2018 with Bachelor of Theology
3. Bro Timothy Sim, City Harvest church Chinese congregation, passionate in visitation, evangelism, and missions, will graduate from Assemblies of God Bible College in 2019 with Bachelor of Theology
4. Sis Cynthia Yip, City Harvest church Chinese congregation, wife of Bro Timothy Sim, gifted in hospitality, visitation, and evangelism
5. Sis Kelly Lim, Elim church AG, wife of Bro Alvin Phang, gifted in hospitality, art, and healing
6. Sis Janet Tan, Hope church Chinese congregation, gifted in drumming and a person of action
7. Sis Ng Hwee Suan, Hope church Chinese congregation, zone leader of cell groups, hunger for the Word of God
8. Sis Sandy Chan, Hope church Chinese congregation, cell group leader, hunger for the Word of God

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